July 30, 2020

Indian weddings are colourful affairs where every colour in the spectrum finds a place of its own. From the bridal finery to the venue’s decor, brilliant hues rule the day. But sometimes all those colours may get overwhelming for the eye. If everything is colourful, nothing in the decor stands out in particular. A good decor is a combination of highlights and standout elements that make it more memorable. What it needs is a few monochrome elements to give the eye a chance to rest.

A touch of white here and a dash of black there will make the other colours pop! Use them as accents and you’ll find that black and white are not as bland as they are made out to be. A deft touch of these monochromes will underscore the main elements of your decor, making them stand out. Even in the world of fashion, where colours undergo a seasonal cycle, black and white are timeless hues. Why not give your wedding a classic twist with black and white?

Highlight the Decor with Black & White
Your wedding decor is one of the things that stays with your guests for a long time. Making an appearance in almost every wedding photo, it sets the mood of your day of love. Use black and white to accentuate the colours of your wedding day. Even a simple black and white geometric pattern on the floor can add a bit of drama to the decor. Monochromatic wall hangings add a subtle yet sophisticated flair that perfectly complements the rest of the colourful elements.

Dinner setting is one more place where black and white can work wonders. A chevron-patterned tablecloth or white pin-striped napkins will offer a perfect contrast to the colourful wedding food. A simple black tablecloth will also have the desired effect with white cutlery and white floral arrangements. The theme can be carried further into the food presentation with a minimalist black and white cake. You can sweeten the deal even more by serving white desserts on black plates. The black and white elements in your decor will surely be among the top highlights of your day of celebration.

Black & White Photos Are Timeless
It is quite understandable that you would want your wedding to be captured in all its colourful glory. But black and white photographs are more evocative of the moment that they have frozen for eternity. A simple loving gaze or a secret smile shared shine more brightly in monochrome. They are not dependant on colours to convey their emotions. Black and white strip away all the distractions and background noise, throwing the subject in sharp relief. You’d be surprised at the range of emotions that can be conveyed through black and white. A black and white moment in an album full of colourful memories is like a chocolate chip in a cookie, providing a burst of unexpected sweetness.

Go Black & White for More Colours
On a day where colours take a centerstage, a deft touch of black and white adds more zing to your celebrations. While the glow of your happiness takes over the celebration, black and white also make a strong impact, but in their own subtle way. They simply highlight the joyous colours of the occasion, without taking the attention away from the one thing that matters the most on the day, your happiness.

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