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A wedding is like a movie; albeit with real stories, characters, song and dance, even some twists and turns and ultimately a climax, peppered with cinematic moments all along. At VARADA, our endeavour is to create the perfect setting for those serendipitous moments to happen and then let the magic unfold.

Immaculate attention to detail, thoughtful planning, and an experienced team are just some of the things that go behind creating an experience that is rare and elegant. We go to great lengths to understand the things that make our clients tick, translate them into actionable briefs and deliver magic.

Events & Experiences

An event is an opportunity to connect, to drive change, to leave a lasting impression. Whatever might be your objective, VARADA can help achieve the right experience for your guests.

We work with private individuals and exclusive brands, to understand their vision and the experience they want to achieve for their guests. We do all types of celebrations from corporate dos, galas, cocktail and dinner parties, launch events, movie screenings, festivals, birthdays, anniversaries and tourism related experiences

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